Friday, October 9, 2009

Prices and Shipping Critique: tricia16

Our critique today is for tricia16. The theme is prices and shipping. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. Hi Tricia,

    The shop is looking beautiful. I think your card prices are great, especially for the amount of handwork that goes into each one.

    I thought that $8.50 seemed low for the journal, you might try getting a bit more (like $10 maybe?). The other prices that seemed like they could go a bit higher are the word signs (the home decor items). I feel like I'd pay more than $18.00 for an item that I keep putting up season after season.

    Just a few thoughts, but great job and everything looks well polished.

  2. Tricia,
    I also think your prices are good and was thinking the same thing about your notebook. I would price it higher for sure.

    I think your shipping prices are nice as well, especially where you don't charge extra shipping when a customer purchases more than one item. :)


  3. Hi Tricia,

    I know you just raised your card prices so I don't have much to say about them but I agree with the other gals about your journal prices. I think you should be charging more for them too.

    I am a bit confused on your shipping prices. Are you charging exact shipping? They seem to be odd amounts to me.

    I would suggest you start out talking about yourself in your bio and moving your teams to the end. I would also move the info about your card sets to your policies page under facts.

    I think the photo of your listing today looks great!

    In your descriptions I would like to know what you use to make your items. For instance do you stamp your sentiments or print them.

    That's about it. I don't know if any of these things I mentioned will help with sales but overall I think your shop is looking really good. Good luck with future sales.

  4. Tricia,

    Your shop is beautiful! I also think you have totally mastered your photos. Your cards are so fun to look at! I have to disagree about your prices. I think they are a bit high and think you may have better luck if you sell 2 of each for that price. That is just my humble opinion based on my own experience. If you would like to ask more specific questions feel free to email me at


  5. I think your shop looks great too. But I am confused about the differences in pricing. Many cards that seem similar in ammount of work are priced drastically different. Like the difference between the 3.75 and 5.25 cards. Same 3 x 6 size, diecut and rhinestone. I think the 5.25 is a fair price. ~Diane

  6. I thought your prices were pretty good, actually.

    If I were buying some of these cards, I would probably be looking at the sets, so I looked at those. I know we're concentrating on pricing, but I thought the pricing and shipping seemed really good (and, about shipping, I thought you were lowish, which, as a buyer, I would appreciate).

    I thought it was curious at you included different numbers of cards in your various sets -- sometimes four, sometimes five or six. Sometimes you include the number of cards in your titles, sometimes you don't, sometimes the number is at the front of your title, sometimes at the end.

    I would suggest always including the number of cards you get in a set in the title (otherwise it looks like you're asking for $14.50 for one card) and possibly standardizing the number of cards you get in a set. Just a thought, if I were buying and trying to decide between sets, this would really make my decision difficult.

    Gorgeous banner, really lovely for your shop, except for one thing: you don't have the name of your shop in the banner! I thought, for a bit, that the name of your shop was "Pretty & Personal Papers" -- I would suggest putting your name in your banner.

    I'm impressed with the number of holiday items you already have in stock -- way to get ahead of the game!

    But lovely things in your store! Good job!


  7. Very pretty shop! I have to agree that your photos are great too. For pricing I've noticed that your card prices are all across the board. I don't see a difference between some of the cards that are priced at $3.75 versus ones that are priced at $4.50.


    Both these cards look the same in design and even effort but there is a 75 cent difference in price? Do you price them differently due to materials used? I used to price cards this way and found that the lower priced cards would sell and I'd be stuck with the higher priced card inventory. After adjusting the prices I made more sales.

    Your shipping prices look great and it's nice you offer free shipping on additional single cards. Your shipping on the card sets are very reasonable. :)


  8. When you have cards of similar shape (like 9x4) and embellishment number, make them the same price. I'd have just a few prices in your shop to make it easier for people to choose.

    Also don't feel bad about not charging exact shipping if you want to round that up. Although I may add that your shipping pricing strategy made me feel like I wouldn't be getting overcharged on that :) You should also be adding in the cost of your packaging as well.

    For the sets, I'd sell in sets of 4, 8, 12, etc. for people that want to use them as mailed Christmas cards.

  9. Thanks everybody. I was out of town over the weekend and just now am checking in here. I actually was coming to the critiques blog to write up some info on Terri and saw myself here. Oops.

    Thanks for all of the comments.

    Mostly where people have commented is where I am trying to make adjustments and test different strategies - higher price vs lower price, etc to see where I am getting more interest. I started out doing just the monogrammed note cards in sets (mostly) and then added in some other stuff like Holiday cards and home decor (letters) and then changed some of that to see if I'd get more interest.

    I'm pretty disappointed in my sales so I have been re-taking photos and changing listings quite a bit.

    As for shipping, I mostly lose money no matter what I do. When I have estimated, I've lost significantly. So I bought a scale and tried to estimate more realistically and also add about .75 for a padded shipping package. That adds to the "odd" (someone asked) amount.

    Also, someone commented about free shipping on single cards - I must check this as it is an error (I think). I did not intend any free shipping unless it was supposed to be for some promo (I think one of my teams was doing something for Monday, October 12.

    Again, thanks for the advice. I am trying to get it all worked through.