Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prices and Shipping Critique: wheelerstudio

Our critique this week is for wheelerstudio. The theme is prices and shipping. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. It is hard for me to critique people on prices because I am still trying to figure that out myself but from what I have seen your prices and shipping charges look good to me. I looked at the rest of your shop as well and I can't find anything else to critique you on. Everything looks really good. I wish you continued success!

  2. Hi Eliza

    I think your pricing is right on for printed invitations and note cards. My gut reaction is to recommend raising your embossed card prices. I don't know how much work goes into them, but I hope you are getting compensated for that effort AND any waste that occurs from errors. Shipping pricing looks good, possibly a bit low when factoring in shipping materials?

    Your work is beautiful. I'm a big fan! Angie

  3. I think your prices are perfect and your shipping is spot on too. i like that you have shipping for other places then the USA.

    Good luck,

  4. Thanks so much you guys! I sort of dread that someone might say my prices are too high for such simple cards, but in comparing with other mass-produced specialty cards in book stores, it's about the same. I haven't had complaints yet! Thanks for the feedback, I feel like I'm still working on solidifying my shipping prices, but this has seemed to work well so far.


  5. Your cards are lovely and I agree on the embossed cards being a bit low. Otherwise everything looks great. ~Diane

  6. Hi, Eliza!

    You have such beautiful work! I think your pricing is very good, actually.

    I'm looking at your Halloween invitations, where you offer customizations for a minimum order of 5 cards at $3.50. This seems kind of low to me, actually, for the amount of back and forth you'll have to have to finalize and approve the text, even for an ideal customer, let alone one that had a lot of changes.

    I do a lot of custom invitation packages myself and I typically offer the first 10 for a set price, which includes the customizations, and then offer additional cards for a set amount per card.

    So, for instance, I might have a package available for $35 for a pack of ten. In the text, I tell them that they can have additional cards for $3 each.

    In the process you outline, you might want to mention that at one point you'll create a custom etsy listing for them to purchase. I find that a lot of people are really easily confused -- they do not understand that just because I've only listed a single pack of 10 on my site that this doesn't mean that I only have ten that I can sell them.

    I think that some people might actually think you only have one left, as you are only listing one invitation for $3.50 (yes, I know it seems silly, but seriously -- I think I'm very clear and people STILL have to ask me).

    Anyway, just GORGEOUS work!