Thursday, October 8, 2009

Prices and Shipping Critique: lilyjanestationery

Our critique this week is for lilyjanestationery. The theme is prices and shipping. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. Hi LilyJane,

    Your prices seem good to me, they seem priced on the higher end of what we see in this group, which is perfect. I think they reflect what they should be, and I'm usually looking at folks' shops thinking the prices should be raised.

    Although, the only item that seemed too low to me was the wall print, with the Shel Silverstein quote. Although, you should specify in the listing whether the frame is included. If this item is sold with the frame, I would raise the price. If it is the print only, the price should stay as is.

    Hope that helps a little.
    Best of Luck!

  2. Thanks, Eliza! I hadn't thought to put that the frame is NOT included in the listing; I'm not sure why. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Anybody else have any thoughts? I know it's a hard thing to critique.

    Lily Jane Stationery

  3. Meredith,

    Nice work! You look like you've only just opened a little bit ago and you've done really well with sales! I think this is a good indication that you've got nice work and that your prices are in the right ballpark.

    $4 for a single card seems about right.

    The shipping for your boxed sets ( -- only $2? That seems a little low. Are you sure you can ship (and include packing materials, etc) for that low?

    I know we're concentrating on prices and shipping, but I have to say that I think the photography is nice -- I like the use of props and different backgrounds.

    This listing: doesn't give instructions on how much the package would cost if the person wanted more than 10 cards -- this would be nice to include upfront -- you may lose some people who will think that if they want 20 cards that it will cost them $80. '

    Lovely work, though!


  4. Your prices seem good to me too. I think your photos are great as well. I can't really find anything else to critique you on but I wish you continued success on future sales.

  5. Shop and prices look great! ~Diane

  6. I think your prices & shipping are great. I noticed some of your descriptions say you have bulk quantities might be able to entice people by telling them some sort of discount for the bulk quantity.