Thursday, October 1, 2009

Descriptions & Titles Critique: mollylee

Our critique today is for mollylee. The theme is descriptions and titles. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. I think you do a great job of making the descriptions interesting and describing how the mechanical parts move. The only card I didn't catch the mechanics was the "Hey Cancer" card. I looked at the pictures to figure it out.

  2. I agree you do a wonderful job describing the card itself and I like how you offer suggestions to what occasion, or what to write inside. That is excellent, and you also use very rich, descriptive words. The card that I stumbled on was the Trio of Animals. At first I thought the statements and quotes were part of your description or suggestion. If I understand it right the plate on the front of each card is where it actually says that. You have a beautiful shop, and your cards are truly unique. ~Diane

  3. Jeez Molly, you make it hard to critique you! lol

    I really can't find anything wrong with your titles or your descriptions, sorry.

    I did notice that you don't utilize all of the 5 slots they give you for pics. Maybe take a pic of the back of a card and show that.


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  5. I love your cards! They are so original, and well constructed (I got one in our most recent swap ;)

    I think your descriptions read very well, over all. They explain how things work, suggest who they'd be good for, etc. A few small things I noticed were the Halloween ghost card doesn't list its dimensions. Also in the Pop-Up Winged Love Card, the text in the description doesn't match the photo.

    Your titles can be a little inconsistent, I think. For example, these are great:
    - Pop-Up Winged Love Card
    - Flying Pig Pop-Up Card
    -Tell Her 3 Reasons Why She's a Superhero (mechanical card)

    - Trio of African Animal Pop-Ups
    (needs the word card)
    - The titles of the 3 reasons cards throw me off a bit. They are all different, and seem hard to pin down in a concise title. Obviously they are selling great, so people are finding them! I wonder if including "personalized" or "custom" in the title, description, or tags might highlight that aspect of them. They are such a creative & unique product, I'm just not sure what to suggest...
    Maybe you don't need to include "tell someone" but just "3 Reasons You're Wonderful (Sailboat Mechanical Card)" or something like that. Hmm, I'll keep thinking!


  6. Hi there! Your cards are really wonderful and you have a lovely shop. I want to repeat something that I said yesterday. According to the new SEO tutorial, the first 30 characters are the most important to search engines. If I were you, I would move "card" forward in your titles, so that search engines can "see" what the item is.

    I think that your descriptions are great!


  7. Hello Mollylee!

    Your descriptions are pretty good. When I browsed your shop, I was more or less looking for things that could or should be consistent.

    • I noticed that in some descriptions you mention that your items are created and stored in a smoke-free home, but not in others. Do you create cards in various locations?

    • Some items you mention a clear sleeve packaging, others you don't. Does the packaging vary?

    • Use of the word "Convo" - new shoppers might not know what that means. Perhaps mention the "Contact" link in the right hand menu? Do you have an e-mail address you feel comfortable providing?

    • Printing - are all of your cards printed with archival inks?

    • Measurements - something we could ALL do, me included - provide them in inches and centimeters!

    • Item Titles - capitalization of words in titles varies among your items.

    Jen S.
    Simply Inviting Cards

  8. Wow! Thanks for the input, everyone! This is GREAT!!! I will be making updates to my stuff soon!

    Jill, I have to admit that the titles for my 3 reasons cards are totally inconsistent because I was trying out different things. I'll go back and shorten them up and move "card" forward, if possible, in the titles (as per Amanda)

    Great things to think about! I LOVE these critiques!

  9. Molly, your cards are amazing. I seriously think these should be in every Hallmark!

    For your "Three Reasons" cards, I'd put the words Three Reasons first in the title of all of them. On your other titles, try to move the word "Pop-up" closer to the beginning of the title.

    You can view what your listings will look like in Google when you go to edit the title. Make sure the first sentence/paragraph of your descriptions tell about the mechanical or pop-up features of the card and mentions "three reasons" again. I'd mention that you can "write in" or personalize the card in this first paragraph.

  10. Everything I have seen looks good so there is not much to critique but I do have a few suggestions for you.
    1. I think some of the titles should be shorter.
    2. Make sure the photos of your pop up cards are in order of how they open.
    3. Make sure sizes are included in all your descriptions because I noticed some were missing that information.
    4. I would be interested to know how your cards are made in your descriptions like what kind of ink do you use, do you create the art yourself etc..
    Your cards are great though. I wish you continued success.

  11. From just a quick scan of your shop I found your item titles were very clear. Even just the first few words you can read without looking at the specific listing gave me a clear idea of the details of the listing. I felt that your descriptions were detailed and clear. Some people want a lot of info in the description section and some just want it short and sweet. I find yours a little long but it's all valid information.

    Keep up the great work!