Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Descriptions & Titles Critique: pnkgeeni

Our critique today is for pnkgeeni. The theme is descriptions and titles. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. Hi there! Cute shop! I'm currently doing a tutorial on Google SEO and titles and descriptions are a big part of it. Firstly, I would suggest everyone go to the storque and read the tutorial, as it is quite helpful. I'm changing my shop little by little as a result of what I am reading. Just a few quick suggestions off of the top of my head:

    1. According to this tutorial, the first 30 characters of your title are the most important. When you have a relatively long title and "card" doesn't come until the end, it makes it difficult for search engines to know what the page is about. I would suggest moving "card" further up in the titles.

    2. Same suggestion as yesterday: If you produce your work in a smoke-free environment, you should mention it in your descriptions.

    3. I prefer the longer descriptions, such as the one in the "Dotted Circle Notecard Set." I think the stories behind the creations are interesting and appropriate for a forum like etsy. Also, optimize the search capabilities by using your keywords throughout the descriptions.

    I hope this was helpful and wish you the best of luck!


  2. Love your stuff :)

    I would put in your descriptions if you did the embossing yourself or if it came that way (i'm speaking of the Three Paisley Embossed Greeting Cards) so the customer knows how much of it is handmade. And since your envelope is handmade, maybe have a pic of the envelope too.

    Also, as mentioned, the smoke-free, pet-free thing would be a good thing to put in the descriptions as well (if that's the case).

    As for descriptions, I like to put the colors in it never know how someone is browsing.

    Good luck, hope all is well at home with the tsnuami...your in my thoughts.


  3. I think you have some great items! And while I don't know much about the new SEO stuff, I have a couple of suggestions.

    -Like others said, definitely note whether your items are made in a smoke/pet freidnly environment.
    -I also think it is important to list dimensions in inches and centimeters (I am transitioning to doing this myself).
    -I like the descriptions with a bit of story about the item or the process of making it (like the Dotted Circle Cards).
    -I would make kind of a standard template that you use in all your descriptions so that it is easy to find some listings pertinent info is hard to find quickly in all the text.
    -I also would expand on the envelope description, which is just as important as the card, in my view. What color is it? Square or pointed-flap? What size?

    I think your titles are pretty good though. Hope some of this helps!

    Squeeze Card Co.

  4. Is this the article the first post is referring to?

  5. Great shop! Great items - I really like the exploding Christmas box. Really cool!

    Everyone has already made good points, so I'll try not to just repeat what they said. :)

    For the most part, I think your titles are solid. Descriptive, but not too wordy. A few that I thought could use a little help:
    - Note Cards In A Box (8)
    - Customizable Greeting Card
    (Maybe add Photo to the title?)
    - Four Princess Notecards (4)
    (I only see cupcakes there, so the suggestion that they'd be great for a princess party is fine in the description, but maybe a little misleading in the title?)
    - Hello Greeting Card with Envelope
    (maybe add orange or dots?)
    - Random Set of Girly Handmade Cards (4)
    (maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't use the word Random. How about Variety?)

    Some that I think are spot on:
    - Pink Cupcake Thank You Card Set (6)
    - Let It Snow Christmas Card Set of 6
    - Pink Fairy Greeting Card w/ envelope

    You get the idea!

    I agree w/ what's already been said about the descriptions. Some are a little short, so coming up with a template so you hit all the highlights is a great idea. I'll be using that one, myself!


  6. Jill, Elana, Shannen and Amanda seem to have it pretty well covered with some great tips.

    As I looked through the shop each time I thought of something they already had it noted. Geuss that's what happens when you come late to the party.

    There are some awesome tips on the SEO and the descriptions. In fact now I need to find the time to work on those things myself ;)

    Best of Luck

  7. You also may want to consider inserting a blurb in your descriptions telling the shopper how they may get a hold of you. Telling the customer to "convo me" is assuming that they are experienced shoppers on Etsy and understand what "convo" means. Be sure to point out the contact link in the right hand menu and if you feel comfortable doing so, supply an e-mail address as well.

    Jen S.
    Simply Inviting Cards & Keepsakes

  8. Thanks everyone. I will start changing bits over the next couple days.

  9. Cute stuff!

    I too like it when you say something a little personal about your items -- this makes me feel a bit of connection to you and the item.

    On this halloween card: you have a little rhyme that you start your description off with. Is that in the card? It's a cute rhyme. This is a little unclear to me...

    Some minor typos here and there. ON this item: the last sentence reads "It will be shipping as inside a box for security." I'm sure you meant: "It will be shipped inside another box for security."

    Nitpicks, but people do notice those things!

    You mention that the exploding box could be used at place settings. If someone were to order a quantity of them, how would they do that? Would you offer a quantity discount? Even if you just mentioned "contact me for larger orders" that would be a good thing to mention.

    A few of the cards feature a number of close up shots of the card, but I think you need to include at least one shot where you step back and show the entire card in addition (

    But overall nicely done!


  10. The only thing I noticed was what Molly said about the exploding box. Is it shipped flat or assembled? Lovely shop, beautiful items. ~Diane

  11. I think everything looks really good. My only suggestion would be to maybe rearange your sale items so they are all listed in a row. It looks kind of strange to me to see them inserted here and there. I would also put sale at the end of the title. Other than good luck with future sales.