Thursday, September 17, 2009

Appearance Critique: JumpingJackDesigns

Our critique today is for JumpingJackDesigns. The theme is appearance. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. I tried Jumping Jack Design, but I can't find anything to critque on your shop! Your photo's are gorgeous, intro to shop short and sweet, profile informative, policies clear and professional....

    Jeez girl, and I have to follow you tomorrow! lol.

    Keep up the good work, I aspire to one day have a shop like your :)


  2. Wow, you make critiquing pretty hard!

    Photos are beautiful! Consistent and simple backgrounds and product styling showcase your items quite well. You're using natural light or a very convincing natural light emulation.

    Might think about reformatting the Facebook, blog, Twitter info somehow so that you can shorten the shop announcement a smidge. The tops of your items are peeking through. If you can remove just one or two more lines of text, that might be just enough to get more of those first photos in the viewer's line of sight. Maybe remove one line of periods above and below the info?

    I like that you have the copyright notice in your shop announcement. Good move! Consider reiterating your notice in your shop policies.

    I would also remove the empty Gift Tags shop section if you don't plan on using it in the near future. You can always add it back if you need to and Etsy doesn't require its' members to use shop sections.

    Policies and processes are nice and filled out. I like that you have posted your privacy policy. A lot of shoppers appreciate that, I'm sure.

    In your item listing names, consider specifying whether or not the buyer is looking at a set, sample, etc. Not everyone will come to directly to your shop to see whether or not they're buying a single card, a set, etc.

    Simply Inviting Cards

  3. Thanks Jen and Shannen

    Great suggestion on the set/sample listing. I will get on that. I'm of to make some tweaks...

  4. I'm with Shannen in feeling like I cannot add anything to improve your shop. I mean, you have 200plus sales so you are obviously doing something right. I have been open since May and have 5 sales.

    As for your post about your differences in photo styles. . .I think either looks great. Specifically, the table tent listing is propped up and that's appropriate to show the dimension. I am a fan of showing dimension, especially on something that is unusually sized (not standard card size).

  5. A comment that I would have would be on your banner (of course, after a long-winded post on our list-serve about them). Your banner is clean and simple, which is good. I still feel your style is slightly missing there though. Your illustrations are SO distinctive (I visited your shop months ago, and I immediately remembered it here). You might consider bringing one of your illustrations to the left of your title, making the title a bit smaller and moving it down and right a bit to balance the image. It would be cute if you could change it seasonally, like have your little ghost there around halloween, your turtle in the summertime, etc.

    Of course, this is just something for you to step back and mull over, not an immediate need for change. When a shop is so well polished, we have to get nit-picky!
    Great job.

  6. I agree with the other gals there is not a lot to critique about your shop. It looks like you are doing everything right.
    I did find the invitation listings a bit confusing at first though because it they were not listed as a set.
    I will try and answer the questions you asked in the group about your shop .
    1. I like the flat syle photographs. I use them in my listings and get into a lot of treasuries with them so I don't think that is a problem.
    2. I think by arranging your photos by type it could make buyers think that all you sell is invitaions.
    3. It is hard to believe that your sales have plummeted since last December especially seeing how many you have had. I wish I had some advice for you on that but I have been a member of Etsy for 21/2 years and have only had 21 sales.
    I wish you continued success!

  7. Thank you Eliza. I think that's a great idea. I will play with that. I appreciate some direction with my banner. It's never been quite right.

    Thank you Terri... you are right on about clarifying my invitations as samples. I will work on that. I appreciate your input on my ongoing issues!

  8. Nice shop and your photos look great. I prefer the flat style. I agree that your banner could be a little more exciting. Best!

  9. After your post on the e-mail list, I decided to take a second look, pretending for a moment that I was a shopper and not a teammate.

    What might be hurting you is a *perceived* lack of variety. By that I mean having things like all the different giraffe, baby buggy, etc. listings right next to each other.

    The quickest fix would be to use the new Rearrange Your Shop feature to mix up your listings a bit.

    Another thing to try would be maybe combining the listings, perhaps using the main photo with the items fanned so that the item on top showcases the design, while the fanned underlying items showcase color options. You can use alternate photos to then show individual items.

    Maybe experiment with color tagging. There are a lot of people - and I'm just as guilty - who make treasuries based on offbeat color names. My most recent was Aubergine and Crimson. Try things like Lemon, Sunshine, Mint, Sage, Sky Blue, Chocolate, get it. I've seen color in your item names, but it's the tags that save you a spot in the Etsy searches.

    I was also wondering if you've tried advertising through Project Wonderful? It might be that the demographic looking for a shop like yours might be reading some pretty young and hip blogs, news sites, etc.

    I've been using Project Wonderful and it is, indeed, wonderful. Feel free to contact me about it if you have questions!

  10. I am agreeing with everyone else. Your shop look fantastic! You do need to make your banner a little more eye-catching and more about your art. Include your own illustrations. My banner needs work on the type, but the background is a collage of my watercolored artwork and I have always received positive comments about that. I am just using this as an example.
    Good luck and happy selling! Holidays are around the corner!

  11. I'm curious about how you've printed your cards. If you're using archival inks or other enticing process, I'd be sure to mention this fact.

    Totally minor nitpick (because, like the others, I can find little to be critical of your lovely shop and products), but in your policies, you refer to yourself as "we" --- is it just you or is it truly more than one person? If it's just you, I rather like the idea of purchasing from a single crafter -- I know that etsy encourages you to make a connection with your purchasers and referring to yourself as "I" might help make that connection.

    For the record I like the photos where you prop up the card so that they aren't flat, but have dimension....

    Great stuff! Good job!

  12. Wow,

    Photos are good, good lighting, good focus.

    About the only comment I can make is the shop banner is perhaps too simple. Doesn't seem to have any of the personality that your cards do. Maybe a nice line drawing on one side or another like those on some of the invitations (the giraffe one is really sweet)

    Best of luck


  13. Thanks to everyone who left comments. I genuinely appreciate it. I've already started making changes to the little things, like changing 'we' to 'I' (great suggestion, Molly). I will be working on my banner. I will keep you posted! Cheers! Angie