Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Profile & Policies Critique: carasscrapnstampart

Our critique today is for carasscrapnstampart. The theme is profile and policies. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. You might want to make an allergy notice somewhere in your Additional Info. I have a dog in my home, too, and I state in my shop's policies where my creations happen and what parts of my house the dog has access to.

    Jen S.
    Simply Inviting Cards

  2. Thanks, Jen. I appreciate you taking the time to read my info and comment!

  3. Jeez Cara...I can't really find any fault in any of your policy's or profile.

    It looks great :0) And your cards are adorable too!


  4. I wish I had something a little more constructive to add, but I think your policies and profile look good! I especially liked that I feel that I got to know a little bit about you in your profile.

    I also thought that your copyright notice is a good idea.

    Something that I've noticed people putting in their profile is like a "press page" or a "recently seen on" to show the links for any recent blog features you may have been a part of. It's something I know I've been meaning to do, but haven't gotten around to it.

  5. Hi Cara! I had a hard time finding anything wrong as well. My only suggestion might be to move your design team blog and facebook page to your profile page too. I wish you all the best with future sales!

  6. Cara,

    I agree with Terri on the addition of blog info & facebook info. I also think you should make sure that any places you've been published or sell items should be added as well.Similar to Amy's suggestion.

    You bio looks good. Plenty of info there to make me feel connected to you.

    I would look at the previous posts regarding some of the photo angles and backgrounds for you pictures too. I found that some of the printed background were distracting to the product image in some of your listings.

    I really like your avatar & banner as well.

    189 sales in about a year... you seem to be doing alright on etsy that's much better than my sales record, congratulations.


  7. Maybe because I have been editing all of my photos and now my brain is in photo edit mode. . .I feel like your pictures could be just a little brighter. Not a major criticism, but I'm more aware of it now that I have been rejected on craftgawker b/c mine are too dimly lit.

    Love your policies. I'd actually like to use your copyright info. It sounds great.

  8. I really struggle with my photos. I have dropped my camera one too many times.

    Thanks for the advice; I appreciate it. I'll try and clean up a few things over the next couple of weeks.


  9. Looks good to me! :) You've probably already made changes since folks commented (I'm a little behind...), but let me add my thumbs up for your entire profil & the copyright notice in the policies.

    Oh, and some people have mentioned elsewhere that newbies don't always know what "convo" means, so you might want to take that out of your custom order information.

    Looks great!