Friday, September 25, 2009

Profile & Policies Critique: aplusastudio

Our critique today is for aplusastudio. The theme is profile and policies. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. Good morning! Let's get down to business!

    First, your bio. You keep saying 'We'. Who is/are 'We'? Two people? Friends? Relatives? Also, I know your user info on the right says you're in Pittsburgh, but I'm not sure if Google can pick up that info. You might want to stick it in your bio, too.

    On the user info, also, can you put your state in as well? (There is a Pittsburgh, Kansas - just a few hours away from me). :)

    Shipping - at the part where you talk about handling by USPS, instead of saying "I'm not responsible for what USPS does....", try something like "I recommend purchasing insurance with your order so that you are covered in the unlikely event that your package is mishandled".

    Payment Policies - consider informing the shopper that they don't need a PayPal account to pay you, and that credit cards can be accepted.

    Refunds and Exchanges - might want to put a softer spin on the wording. It looks like I'm reading NO after NO after NO. Try something like "If you are not happy with your item, please contact me within 4 days of the receipt of your item to make return arrangements. I allow up to 10 days for returns to occur. I regret that I cannot offer returns on custom items".

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  2. Hi there! LOVE your things, you are so talented :)

    Just a couple of things. You misspelled Conveniently on your Payment part.

    You also say 'we' in your profile, but then switch to the I pronoun in your Policies. I would keep it consistent...choose I or we, not both.

    Good luck in your endevours :)

  3. Your shop is great!! A lot of care and detail in your work.

    One thing to add to the above comments. In the shop policies section, under Shipping and Refunds and Exchanges the words are repeated. I know this is a little thing, but only of those little things that could drive someone crazy. So I would take out the word Shipping at the beginning of the paragraph and likewise with Refunds and Exchanges. There are already headers for both categories.


  4. I think your shop looks great too. Looks like most everything has been addressed about your policies and profile already. I do think there is to much info in the refunds and exchanges part. I would try to simply that if possible.
    Good luck with future sales!

  5. I agree, I'm dying to know who "we" are. If folks make it your profile section, they are genuinely interested in who you are.

    I would soften your return polices. You can do this by cutting out half the words. Be brief, yet gentle. There is no need to repeat a point. State your willingness to resolve any problems, time frame for returns, and that you are unable to refund shipping fees. Same theory can be applied to your shipping section.

    Do you do custom work? If you do, include a section on how that works.

    Best of luck! Angie

  6. Hi, there. I agree that you either need to explain who "we" is or leave it as just "I" since using both is confusing. And maybe soften the tone of the return policy. Your products are great, nice shop!

  7. Have people been burned on customers wanting exchanges or refunds unreasonably? I wonder if the wording for these policies need to sound so very harsh. Perhaps I've just been lucky, but I haven't ever had any problems and it allows me to project a somewhat friendlier face (okay, I have to admit til this week I hadn't even THOUGHT about codifying my policies! I am just too trusting, I guess!)

  8. Everything I thought of has been covered, so I'm going to go off course and suggest a more personal line for your shop announcement?
    "Check out our profile for more information about us." seems a little abrupt. We don't know anything about you, yet! Maybe a welcome / introduction sentiment?

    Maybe just me. :)


  9. Your paragraph spacing in your policies needs to be more clear. Also avoid as much negative connotations as possible (such as USPS damaging the package).

    Your announcement seems a little cold & lacking personality. I'd mention that you do custom work in the announcement. Put an exclamation point after "....who knows what you may find" instead of a period.