Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Descriptions & Titles Critique: kindredknits

Our critique today is for kindred knits. The theme is descriptions and titles. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. I noticed that the description of the one with the two bicycle's doesn't mention an envelope. So you might want to go through all of your listings to make sure they all say that the card comes with an envelope.

    Nice job otherwise though. I love the decorative design above and below the decriptions. :)


  2. I also like the decorative design in the descriptions.

    Your descriptions seem short & to the point which is good. You don't mention anywhere if items are produced in a smoke-free studio...sometimes that really matters to people...at least those that don't smoke.

    I like the way you have the title & size consistently listed under the description, the buyer always then knows where to find that.

    If there are items in the photo that are not included you may want to mention that, some people may think what they see is what they get.


  3. I too love the design above and below the description.

    I noticed a typo in the bicycle listing in the last line. The "and" should be an "are." Also, in the umbrella listing, you don't mention how it is printed. You might want to include more information (as you did in some of your other descriptions). Finally, I agree that you should mention if the cards are produced and stored in a smoke-free environment. I would never want to purchase paper goods from someone who worked in a smokey environment.

    All said, I think your descriptions and titles are great. You provide just the right amount of information and also include some small talk, which I like.

    Amanda (aka Little b Bunny)


  4. You know Anne, I thought the same thing. I was thinking about how I really like your photo's, they way they have the pen, envelope, and stamps...but then later in the day I thought "huh, but what if someone thought they got those items too" even though, clearly you aren't selling those items.

    Just something to think about.


  5. Oh, I actually liked the little set ups with the props. I think if she's clear about what you get when you purchase, there shouldn't be too much of an issue and I appreciated seeing these little mini sets, which, in addition to making the photos more attractive, also showed me the scale of the cards..

    That's just me though!

  6. Hi, I love your shop and you do a wonderful job mixing knits and cards. I like the props in your photo too but I guess it wouldn't hurt to add they are not included. You never know...

    I found your titles and descriptions clear and you let the buyer know what they were getting (env, how many, etc.) and even added a personal touch by adding where you found the items you photographed. Excellent :o)


  7. Right on! Your titles & descriptions look great to me. One I had a question about:
    Christmas Lights Merry Christmas Card - Set of 10 - Red lights

    Seems odd to me to have "Red lights" at the end, unless you also offer it in green or blue... if so, maybe include that in the description?

    (Definitely keep the photo props! ;)


  8. Just a few of my thoughts!

    I think the titles and descriptions are pretty good for most of the items. The only ones that I thought were a little awkward - and it's just an opinion - to read were the listings for the cable mittens. Rather than calling them "Cable Mittens like Bella's in Twilight", why not use the term "Bella" as a stylistic term, as in the "Bella Cable Mittens".

    The Twilight readership is so devoted that putting a character's name at the front - and given that the eye reads from left to right in Western culture - will just as likely capture attention for Etsy browsers as it will for people doing a Google search.

    Another thing - shoppers new to Etsy aren't going to necessarily know what "Convo me" means. You can direct their attention to the Contact link in the right hand menu or, if you feel comfortable doing so, supply an e-mail address at which they can contact you.

    Jen S.
    Simply Inviting Cards & Keepsakes

  9. I agree with what others have put here. I think your titles and descriptions pretty much cover everything.

    A couple of things I would think about are:

    1. I mention in my listings when my customer can expect their product to be emailed or shipped. For example: "This product will ship within 5-7 business days after receipt of payment." or "You will receive a low resolution digital proof within 24-48 business hours after receipt of payment, photo, and desired text." (My business hours do not include the weekend, so that is the reason I put "business days" and "business hours".)

    2. For your knitted items, I would be interested in knowing how to care for my product. How can I clean it? Is it dry clean only? That could be a deciding factor on whether or not I might or might not buy.

    I like how you have mentioned that your digital prints can be done as cards too. That's a great idea!


  10. Your cards are great. The photo's are excellent. I love the whimsical way you write your descriptions like the tin bunny agreeing to the photo shoot. The one thing I did notice is that your titles were a bit off. Red ceramic- sounds like pottery, Red vintage toy card, Retro American Indian dolls, Tin Bunny in red, Acorn Linoleum Cut... I think those are wonderful descriptive words to use in the description, but not as a title. I have been trying to get through the SEO info, I wonder if they might not show up at the top of a list for cards or toy trucks or ceramic pottery. ~Diane

  11. It looks like most everything has already been covered and I agree everything looks really great. My only suggestion would be to shorten your titles. For instance I would put what the card is made out of in the description and the new SEO information says to keep the titles short.
    Good luck with future sales!