Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Profile & Policies Critique: killamcreative

Our critique today is for killamcreative. The theme is profile and policies. Please post your feedback in the comments!


  1. Good Morning,

    Well I looked at your policies and profile and they seem fine. Of course mine are really weak so I'm not sure I'm the best judge of that :)

    I did want to make just some general comments however if that's okay. I really like the picture for your avatar on etsy but it is slightly misleading as to the style of your work. I expected to see more photo type cards not so much paper piecing. Not sure if it makes a difference just something to think about.

    Your listing photos seem kind of flat. When I click and get to your selection of photos there are always some that show the craftmanship and dimension of the product better than your first. Last week I mentioned several times about picking a picture that draws people in to click on the product and get into your shop. I think you have some of those photos but they aren't your lising shot. For example the victorian butterfly card would be much more enticing to me if you used the second or better yet the third shot down with the close up of the butterfly. The photo itself is just so much more attractive in compostiton and lighting than the listing one you have. I think that if you show the whole card at once it's easier to glance over in the listing than if you show just a piece. Sit down and think about how you look at things on Etsy and what entices you to look further. The key is to get them in the shop looking around and then hopefully buying something.

    Best of luck.


  2. Hello!

    Just a few things . . .

    In your bio, have you considered mentioning your Etsy teams?

    Regarding Shipping- does your shipping schedule change around the holidays or is it in any way affected by holidays? You might mention or move your combined shipping accommodations from your shop announcement to here.

    Additional Info - Do you have a privacy policy?

    Do you accept custom requests? Not everyone is going to come directly to the front page of your shop and see that in your shop announcement. You might want to move or copy that blurb here.

    That's it for today!

    Simply Inviting Cards & Keepsakes

  3. Hello :)

    I would put your etsy teams, your blog, twitter, facebook...in other words any other place they can find you or follow you.


  4. I agree wuth the above post about the avatar. Although it's a great photo, it gives the impression that you are a photographer and/or are selling photographic images.

    Just a thought.

    Love the angle on the Halloween cat card - loved to see that little guy peeking out from inside the card!

  5. I only have a few suggestions...

    Have you considered flipping your first and second paragraph in your profile? The second one has a sentence that draws me in more; it makes me want to learn more about what inspires you.

    I would also inform buyers in your policies how much insurance will cost them, so they'll know right away whether or not it's worth it to them.

  6. I think they look good. I agree about adding your teams to your profile and custom listings if you do them.

    Good luck with future sales!

  7. Hi, there. You sure have a lovely shop; the guitar card is my fav! I don't have anything to add that hasn't been mentioned re: policy and profile. I think that your black background is a little harsh for the beautiful, colorful cards. Anne made some good points.